What is Clone Life?

Clone Life is a 3D virtual world that allows interaction between users using text chat or simply using the voice (Voice).

Clone Life is a grid (grid) that is part of OpenSim simulators which allows realization of a metaverse based on Grid and Region (Regions), where the islands rely, to move away from the islands you can use the Teleport, you cancreateobjects Please be of any shape based 3D, this is achievable by anyoneand is simple and intuitive, can be connectedsocial relations as friendships or learn new loves, friends create groups to gather, organize events such asmusical evenings, organize group games or prize money, making your ownrole-playing game or follow existing ones, purchase, lease, sell land to createtheir own form of business also through advertising, create new forms of work and much more for the public and other people's fun.

Clone Life Grid is the Official Site OpenSimulator.it the support site for thisItalian OpenSource product that evolvesyear after year increasing more and more new features and new computer systems, the addition of CloneLifemetaverse there are many others, and some of these are linked togetherthrough a link called HyperGrid where you can move from one world to another.


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