How To Start?

Easy Access to a whole new world, start this new adventure with us where you're story.

Easy access to a whole new world, start this new adventure with us whereyou're the protagonist who will write your story.
Follow these easy steps and you may enter in Clone Life

1. Register on our website and log in using your credentials to access;

2. Select the voice Join the Grid and select your avatar, so doing will createyour own Virtual World Access;

3. Download and install the Viewer available in our Downloads section;

4. Enter Your Name, Last Name and password of the Avatar created;

5. Login Awards in the Viewer;

6. Start this new adventure!

For Experienced Users Procedure To use another compatible viewer

To use another viewer to connect to Clone Life, you must enter the server details of Clone Life.

These data can be obtained automatically with the viewer that they are able toretrieve network information. Theinfo is Grid URL:

If the viewer does not support network information, you must configure the viewer using the form below:

URI Login:


More Info for Download and Configuration Viewer

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